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Before you start your quote, please read this page carefully:

If you give us incorrect details in your quote, your policy could be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or you could have a claim rejected or not paid in full.

If you're not sure whether you need to tell us about certain facts, you should give us the information anyway, or get in touch for help.

Please read these following statements and let us know you understand and agree:

  • Unspent convictions are any that are still on someone's record. Some offences disappear off a criminal record after a number of years. More serious offences, such as those that incur a prison sentence of more than four years may stay on record for life. Please refer to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 for further information.

  • Certain disabilities or medical conditions will need to be notified to the DVLA, as they may affect your or any named drivers' ability to drive. If you have a driving licence you must tell DVLA if:

    • You have a 'notifiable' medical condition or disability such as epilepsy, strokes and other neurological conditions, mental health problems, physical disabilities and visual impairments
    • Your medical condition or disability has got worse since you first got your licence
    • You develop a new medical condition or disability

    a full list of medical conditions you may need to tell the DVLA about is available at www.gov.uk.

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Examples of modifications

These are any changes to the manufacturer's standard specification and include but are not limited to:

  • Non factory tinted windows
  • Smoked/Lexus style/external light clusters
  • Rally/spot lights
  • Sports/custom exhaust
  • Induction kits
  • Custom brakes
  • Enhancements to the engine
  • Changes to the suspension including springs
  • Oversized/wide wheels
  • Low Profile/oversized tyres
  • Non factory alloy wheels
  • Missing wheels
  • Bull bars
  • Carbon fibre bonnet
  • Full/partial body kit
  • Roll cage
  • Side skirts
  • Front/rear valences
  • Gull wing doors
  • Custom door locks/no locks/no handles
  • Racing harnesses
  • Bucket seats
  • Dual controls
  • Sign written
  • Any part of the car which has been painted (inc wheels)
  • Vinyl wraps (including racing stripes)
  • Stereo/sub woofers

Not sure if your car’s been modified? Email your car’s manufacturer and ask them for a vehicle specification for your model. You may also be able to find this online.